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Model: Paloma Cruz model @palomaqcruz

Stylist: Paloma Cruz @stylechic.paloma

Photographer: Olly Vento @olllyvento

Make up: Anastasia Beverly Hills @anastasiabeverlyhills

PR: Mariia Borovenska @mariborovenskaya

 1. Paloma, welcome to Style Cruz Cruz New York Tell us what is the most interesting thing in your profession?

Thank you so much for the warm welcome! This magazine is special to me because it combines fashion and elements of New York City. One of the most interesting things about my profession is the ability to travel and the freedom to create. 2. What project are you currently working on. Tell us about your shoot for Style Cruze, how did you work with the team? For this shoot the goal was to embody the spirit of a woman in business. Since embarking on my legal career I have first hand experience that women who dress a bit more glamorous are cast aside as not serious. In the workplace, women who are bold or outspoken are often criticized for being ”rude.“ The object of this shoot was to glamorize the life of a business women. The team decided to shoot in studio because the theme applies to any woman in any city. 3. Tell us about your profession as a lawyer. How difficult is it to be a beautiful girl in a man's business? Yes, I have my attorney license in the District of Columbia. I passed the universal bar exam and have recently worked at a private firm in Chicago. It has been challenging to balance my legal career with my modeling. I have learned not to let people’s opinions dictate my choices and it is possible to follow more than one passion. 4. Tell us how did you spend your summer vacation? What interesting resorts have you visited.

Currently, I am in Italy for the 80th Venice International film festival. I enjoy attending events and supporting organizations that make an impact for social justice.When attending these events, there are red carpets and a lot of behind the scenes activities that take place. When attending a red carpet event, I try to select a dress that is both comfortable and chic. I am trying to wear more color and have been lucky to wear custom designs along with brands that I have supported for a long time such as Dior, Balmain, and Prada. 5. Tell us how did you spend your summer vacation? What interesting resorts have you visited. For summer, I usually try to visit friends in Europe. I tend to go on holiday in St. Tropez. I enjoy St.tropez because it is laid back luxury. One of my favorite places to stay is Chateau Messardiere. The landscape is really pretty, being close to the water calms me, also a glass of champagne doesn’t hurt! 6. Share a secret from your beauty routine. What inspires you the most. My beauty routine consists of Tatcha cleanser, followed by YSL primer Touche Éclat Blur, Dior backstage foundation I mix two colors, Dior mascara, and Gucci lipstick. I also just started taking biotin. After many shootings with different hair styles my hair has become damaged and brittle. I have noticed some improvement in the strength of my hair. 7. Do you plan to attend NYFW fashion week, and is it hard to constantly be on the go ? Yes, I return just in time for New York Fashion Week. I am excited to feel the energy of the city and miss my morning walks. I travel so much it is hard for me to keep track of the different time zones and during fashion weeks I don’t eat at regular times, so I always make sure to take snacks with me. 8. What designers do you like the most? Lately I have been gravitating more towards what styles suits me and not trends. Since I have meetings during the week and photo shoots on weekends I wear lots of blazers by Balmain, Tom Ford, L’agance, and Balenciaga during the week and on weekends dresses by Alice and Olivia, Magda Butrym, and Dior. 9. What interesting projects would you like to try this year. This year I would like to try more partnerships for beauty and also collaborations with travel. My most recent catwalks was in Miami and New York. I would like to make a catwalk soon in Milan. 10. What advice did you give yourself 10 years ago. And why? Ten years ago, I would tell myself to be more confident and patient. I would always rush and feel I had to complete everything by a certain time and at a certain age meet this idealized concept. I have learned that I am on my own time frame and trust that I am exactly where I need to be. No matter how stressed I am, I remember how much I have accomplished and everything is a blessing.

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