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Thexele - "Music from the Soul" | WEBITORIAL | STYLÉCRUZE

Updated: Sep 23, 2023


Model & Artist & Cr Dir & Photo & Stylist: THEXELE

The main goal of Thexele’s music in general and in this exact album is to give aesthetic pleasure in

the individual rethinking of each listener. Simply put, this is music from the soul and for the soul.

"I started producing music for this album and publishing individual tracks on Soundcloud

(unofficially) about seven years ago. And by the way, most of the compositions fell on the period of

my pregnancy. It was one of the most inspiring and beautiful periods of my life. Through creativity, I

always wanted to share something very important with the world, to create a mood, but most

importantly, this music came from the heart. Therefore, the name of the album perfectly reflects its


This album mostly includes instrumental compositions, which were created earlier, and a few

songs. All the music in this album has been rethought and improved by the author these days.

Some tracks have acquired a completely new sound, due to the singer's vocals and choral


This self-produced album was created to give the listener a new spiritual and emotional

experience. Immerse him in the world of dreams and relaxation, and sometimes bring him into a

state of deep sadness and even the cry of the soul. It mixes old and new, living, and artificial, light

and heavy, light and dark. In a sense, the album is about life itself. All the tracks have interesting

catchy melodies and are easy to remember. Some tracks have a meditative effect and can give you

moments of peace of mind and take you to a magical world, while others have a shade of


An interesting fact: there is one song on this release that differs from the others in that it is one of

Thexele’s early works - it’s "Lunar tenderness", the main melody and harmony of which were

composed when the singer was 14 years old.

“This song means a lot to me. I believe that this album and this track especially can help

people with mental health problems.”

This release includes compositions of various genres, but in general they can be attributed to the

genres of Easy Listening, Pop lo-fi, New-Age, and Electronic. Substyles: Adult Contemporary, Mood

Music, Chill Out, Dream House, Relaxation. Mood/styles: Piano, Dreamy, Spiritual, Inspirational,

Sad and others.

"This music is valuable to me, and I hope it will win the hearts of the listeners. Having

gained new professional experience, I was able to revise the mixing and mastering of the

tracks, add new touches to the arrangements, and, in some compositions, significantly

improve the production and add my own vocals and back vocals."

The Album “Music from the Soul” is available on all streaming platforms. You can buy CDs from the

artist’s website, Bandcamp, and other stores with worldwide shipping.

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